This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Valmet eServices, or if you need support, please visit our support page.

    1. No, not at this time. Please contact your Valmet representative or send us an inquiry in order to initiate the ordering process.

    1. The items offered in eServices have been grouped together in like categories. A drop down list of these categories can be found by selecting the "Parts by category" menu option in the top banner. Visual representations of these categories can also be selected at the bottom of the home page. Once a main category has been selected, a list of sub-category Refinements will display to the left of the results. Visual representations of these sub-categories will also display above the results. By selecting the Available check box in the Refinements section, only items that are currently in stock at Valmet will display. In many cases, the Refinements section also provides a "Parts by Process" section where you can further refine your search to display components used in various sections of your machinery. For any of these check box Refinements, multiple selections can be made.

      A selectable navigation map appears just below the main menu bar so you can navigate back up the selections. To completely reset your selections and search criteria, you can select either the home icon or the eServices logo.

      Instead of using the Category navigation, you can also input your search criteria directly into the "Parts finder" search box. You can search by Valmet part number, Your part number, item description, or Valmet tradename. No wild cards are necessary.

    1. You can select the "Emergency 24hr Service" icon from the home page, or the "Contact us" menu bar option to see a global list of Valmet locations and contact numbers.

    1. If you have browsed our item offerings and added them to your selection list, you can select the "Ask about these products" button at the bottom of the selection list page.

      Or you can select the "Inquiry" menu bar option, fill in your contact information and describe what you are looking for in the "question" box.

    1. Registration is quick and easy. You can select the "Login/Register" option at the top of the page, fill in your contact information and select the "Send request" button. Once we've finalized your request, we will contact you to provide your login information. You will not receive any un-solicited email from us.

    1. Once logged in with your specific account, you can select the "My Account" option at the top of the page. From there you can simply select the "Change your password" link in the "My Profile" section.

    1. No, eServices is offered free of charge to our customers, to simplify their buying experience with Valmet.

    1. Yes, if you have your own account. The prices are limited to the items agreed upon on a Price list between your location and Valmet.

    1. Yes, if you have your own account. Otherwise, items will display as "Available" if they are stocked within a Valmet facility. If no delivery time or availability is displayed, they are not currently in stock.

    1. The prices displayed are based on those agreed upon on a Price list between your location and Valmet. Please contact us if you are interested in expanding your Price list so more item prices can easily be found in eServices.

    1. Yes, provided we know of it and have already created a cross reference between your part number and Valmet's. Please contact us if your are interested in expanding the cross reference list of items.

    1. Yes, but not necessarily every item is available in eServices. Visit eServices frequently as we are continually adding items.

    1. The items being offered are the typically stocked items, or those most frequently used by our customers. Visit eServices frequently as we are continually adding items.

    1. If the item has been replaced, or replaces several other items, each of the affected items will display. If your part number is cross referenced to more than one Valmet part number, each of the affected items will display

    1. No. If you have specific needs, please send us an inquiry through eServices or contact your Valmet representative and we would be happy to help you.

    1. No, not at this time.

    1. If you submit a quotation request through eServices, your Valmet representative will review the request to help determine the validity. If there are any questions, they will contact you to resolve the questions before finalizing the quotation.

    1. No, not at this time.

    1. This is an International classification system for the purpose of item/product identification for import/export shipments and customs declarations.

    1. General material descriptions are displayed for many items. The Noted material simply indicates that the item has more specific and detailed instructions.

    1. Yes, they should be available the next time you log in with your specific account.

    1. No, not at this time. The simple layout of eServices, along with these FAQ's should resolve most questions. But if you have more specific needs, please contact your Valmet representative for assistance.

    1. The "Parts finder" search is applied across all items, regardless of pre-selected categories, then displays all items that match your search. Once this search is complete, you can further refine the search results by filtering them according to refinement labels.

    1. Yes, at the bottom of the Inquiry page is a "Browse" button where you can search for your files and attach to the inquiry. Please note that the maximum file size is 10mb.

    1. In many cases, the photos are for general visual purposes and are not photo's of the exact item. In these cases, a "Sample Image" watermark will appear. As we continually prepare more item images, they will be made available in eServices.

    1. eServices item descriptions have been generalized to allow for easier grouping of like items.

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